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Step 1: Select Your Category

  • Social
    Make a mobile app for myself, friends, and family.
  • Business
    I am creating an app for a store, restaurant, or other business.
  • Organization
    Build an app for a team, group, non-profit, or club.
  • Creative
    If you can think it, you can build an app for it.

Select your features

  • Post Feed
    Create and display posts for your app users to see.
  • Sharing
    Allow your posts to be shared on social networks.
  • Map
    Provide an interactive map within your app.
  • Geo-Posts
    Reach app users when they are nearby you.
  • Messaging
    Provide in-app private messaging capabilities.
  • Notifications
    Auto alert people to new info posted on your app.
  • About Us
    A page in your app for all your important information.

Step 2: Enter Your App Information

Choose Stores to Submit to:

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Step 3: Choose Your Color Theme

Scroll through the options and select your app colors.

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